• Data Detectives Shift Suspicions in Alzheimer's from Usual Suspect to Inside Villain

  • Stanley Wins Third BRAIN Award

  • Navigational View of the Brain Thanks to Powerful X-Rays

  • Annabelle Singer is one of 18 innovative young scientists in the nation to be selected as a 2017 Packard Fellow

  • Lena Ting Receives $2.6 Million NIH Grant to Identify Balance Impairment Mechanisms for those with Parkinson’s Disease

  • Dr. Jun Ueda was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to study dynamic robot vision inspired by the principles of human vision 

  • Hang Lu Wins NSF NeuroNex Award - part of NSF's Understanding the Brain program

  • See Cosmos in the Cranium: GT Research Horizons

  • Lena Ting and Young-Hui Chang are finding out "Why Flamingos Are More Stable on One Leg Than Two"

  • Lena Ting received the Emory School of Medicine "Hidden Gem Award." Take a look!



Support will help reveal how neural systems organize for sophisticated behaviors like flight.
Big data helps doctors treat, cure and improve patient outcomes
Georgia Tech researcher working on a better way to deliver therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease
It may be high time to refocus Alzheimer's research, as a new study strongly points to a biochemical culprit traditionally...
BME assistant professor among 126 early-career researchers honored by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
BME professor, Petit Institute researcher tapped again for national initiative
Groundbreaking research from Ting lab could shed new light on movement disorders
BME assistant professor named Next Generation Leader, invited to participate in advisory council
Georgia Tech researcher one of 18 innovative young scientists in the nation to receive prestigious honor
Her research seeks to identify optimal treatments for the rehabilitation of balance impairments using neuromechanical...

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“Memory and Brain: Remembering What’s Important” - Joseph Manns, Ph.D. - Emory University

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“How Learning Rewires the Brain: Sequential Synaptic Plasticity Across the Cortical Column” - Alison Barth, Ph.D. - Carnegie Mellon University
"Cholinergic Sensorimotor Integration Regulates Rapid Behavioral Decisions" - Yun Zhang, Ph.D. - Harvard University
“Transcranial Focused Ultrasound a Unique Tool for Basic and Translational Neuroscience” - Costas Arvanitis, Ph.D. - Georgia Tech